During the course of the PEAK Campaign, three Panels comprised of patients and family members, providers, health care professionals, and research and data experts will assist Campaign participants in improving first-year survival through identification of best practices and development of provider and patient tools to implement these practices, as well as in review of the data and progress toward the goal of reducing first-year mortality by 20% by the end of 2012.

Expert Panels
Data/Results Panel
The Data/Results Panel is reviewing the methodology to be used to monitor progress toward the goal and then the progress data thereafter. Additionally, once data from CROWNWeb become available, the Panel will review whether PEAK should track specific CPMs (e.g., catheter use) that are particularly relevant to first-year mortality.
Data/Results Panel Expert Listing

Patient/Family Engagement Panel
The Patient/Family Engagement Panel is identifying patient-centered interventions central to reducing first-year mortality and how and when to optimally implement them. Because the involvement of family in all aspects of a patient’s care is seen as a significant advantage, family-centered interventions also will be explored. The best practices and tools are intended to assist patients/families in being more fully engaged with their providers. As well, tools also are recommended for providers to engage patients/families to improve empowerment or adherence.
Patient/Family Engagement Panel Expert Listing
Best Practices Recommended by Panel

Technical/Curriculum Panel
The Technical/Curriculum Panel is identifying the appropriate evidence-based interventions and best practices to reduce first-year mortality. It is identifying the curriculum tools/guides, web-content, etc. that dialysis organizations and healthcare professionals can use as resources in their efforts to reduce first-year mortality.
Technical/Curriculum Panel Expert Listing
Best Practices Recommended by Panel


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