Kidney Care Partners’ New National Health Care Campaign to Improve Survival Rates for Patients with Kidney Failure

In 2009, the kidney care community launched PEAK and committed to the first area of emphasis for the campaign – reducing mortality in first-year dialysis patients by 20 percent by the end of 2012 and extending an estimated 10,000 lives – a real goal to save lives. 

Led by Kidney Care Partners, with support from research partners as well as experts in the kidney community, the PEAK Campaign will:

  • Equip health care providers with tools to help first-year dialysis patients better transition;
  • Improve the health and survival of first-year dialysis patients;
  • Result in reduced hospitalizations, thus lowering Medicare costs

PEAK and its partners will review recommendations on how to achieve PEAK’s first goal on improving survival of first-year dialysis patients. Research shows interventions in the following areas have improved survival:
  • Research scientists at Brown University’s Gerontology Center;
  • Nationally prominent academic physicians experienced at providing dialysis services in Brown’s Department of Medicine; and
  • Physicians and researchers highly experienced in quality measurement and improvement at Quality Partners of Rhode Island (QP), the State’s Quality Improvement Organization (QIO),which has a long standing relationship with Brown Medical School and the Center for Gerontology. 

The PEAK Campaign to reduce mortality in the first year will focus on patient education and key clinical care activities to achieve its goal. Research has shown that a broad range of interventions early in a patient’s life on dialysis can have a strong influence on patient outcomes and successfully reduce mortality, including case management, nutrition, anemia management, dialysis adequacy, catheter use, and psychological and social support.

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